Find Your Stressors

This stress test tells you exactly how stressed you are in ten different areas of your life and gives you customized advice on how to cope with your stress.

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Find Out What Is Causing Your Stress

The questions in The Stress Profiler are designed to help you determine what or who is causing you the most stress. Broken up into 10 mini-tests, we drill down to the root of your problems and then provide the right advice for your situation.

Create An Action Plan

After determining your major areas of stress, select from several tasks that will help you understand and control your stress. Practice these skills and then take The Stress Profiler again to see how you have improved.

Gauge Your Stress Over 10 Key Areas

The Stress Profiler measures your stress across 10 Key Areas that include:

  • Control
  • Support
  • Change
  • Financial Stress
  • Time Pressure
  • Worry/Fear
  • Anger
  • Stress Symptoms
  • Outlets
  • Resilience